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We bring free paid surveys to Australians!

If you are an Australian resident looking for an easy way to earn extra cash online, we can help. Many market research companies are willing to pay you cash just for completing online surveys. It's the perfect way to work from home and earn extra money in your spare time.

Participate in online free paid surveys and be rewarded for your opinions.

This free paid survey site lists for free the most comprehensive and up to date list of paid survey companies who are looking for Australians to share their opinions. Many of these companies will reward you in cash and prizes. Check out About Paid Surveys for more detailed information on how you can start earning extra cash with Australian Free Paid Surveys.

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Join now to enter our quarterly $2500 prize draw! Guaranteed points for every survey you participate in and you can redeem points for PayPal, gift vouchers or charity donations.
Great Sites - Australian Survey

Great Sites offers members the opportunity to win $30,000 in our big prize draw at the end of the year. They just need to complete a quick 5 minute survey to join. There's also monthly and weekly prizes, competitions, offers and daily deals for members to enjoy. We pay for every member that completes the survey.
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Rewards Palace allows you to earn points from shopping with our reward partners, participating in online surveys and competitions, participating in reward emails and referring others to Rewards Palace.. Join now for FREE and get a FREE Lotto entry! You also get your first 100 points free to get you started and go into the draw for monthly petrol vouchers. Rewards Palace has the highest paying rewards partners of any Australian rewards portal so you get more value from your points.

Why participate in Free Paid Surveys:
  • No Costs - Free Registration - Free Paid survey companies will send you regular paid survey invitations to take part in paid surveys and/or focus groups. Earn money for having fun answering questions on a range of subjects and be rewarded.
  • Work from Home whenever it suits you - Use your spare time to earn extra cash online. This way you can still be around your family and be earning money online at the same time. You can take part in free paid surveys from home anytime, day or night.
  • Get paid for your opinions - participate in online paid surveys and be rewarded in either cash, prizes or entry into prize draws.
  • Try our and test new products on the market.
  • Take part in free paid surveys you can earn cash and prixes or go into prize draws to win major prizes
  • The more surveys you complete, the more invitations for paid surveys you will receive which means the more cash you can earn and the more chances of winning in a major prize draw.

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